Day 0 – Model Event

Map: Aguiar da Beira North (East)


Terrain: varies between pine tree forest areas and open areas with rock faces. Some undergrowth vegetation on the deep re-entrant. Terrain with moderate density of contour details and a lot of rock details.



Map makers: Janne Weckman (Finland) and Raquel Costa (Portugal) – January 2014

Scales: 1:10000 e 1:15000

Equidistance: 5 meters

Course Setter: Bruno Nazário

Parking: Parking along the Estrada da Lapa road on the west hedge of the map. Drivers need to follow the route indicated by the organizers.


  • We strongly recommend the use of spike shoes.
  • There will not be any arena setup for the model event.
  • There will be and ambulance of the Aguiar da Beira firefighters on site for first-aid purpose.