Day 1 – Sprint

Sprint WRE – Vitalis Cup of Portuguese

Map: Aguiar da Beira Urban Area


Arena Layout:

Terrain: old urban area of Aguiar da Beira with narrow streets and a small forest area.



Map maker: Rafael Miguel (Portugal) – December 2013 (updated in January 2017)

Scales: 1:4000

Contour Interval: 2,5 meters

Course Setters: Rafael Miguel

Technical Information:

To increase the Sprint technical level, organization will build some temporary fences, using protection grids and signaling tape. Those obstacles will be drawn with impassable fence symbol (524.0) and the ones who cross over them will be disqualified. To increase the readability of those fences, two actions were taken:

  1. Symbols will be thicker than usual (0,5mm instead of 0,4mm).
  2. In those places where fences are cutting a road, were added the symbol out of bounds (709.0) beside the fence symbol (524.0), to help runner realize that it is not possible to go through (see image bellow left). In the remaining places, where no roads were cutted, we did not use the out of bounds symbol (729.0) (see image bellow right).


Parking: parking will be made next to the quarantine and hard floor.


  • Quarantine will be at Aguiar da Beira’s School, close to the hard floor.
  • Athletes need to enter the quarantine between 15h30 and 16h00.
  • Start will be inside quarantine.
  • In the quarantine it is not allowed to use phones, tablets, PC’s, MP3/4 or any kind of device with communications capabilities.
  • There is a back-drop area at the quarantine. Athletes need to drop their bags on the designated area and the organization will transport it to the arena. Note: Ori-Estarreja does not assume any lost or damage on the bags or material inside, so we strongly recommend not to leave any valuable objects with your belongings.

Services at the Arena: Event office, IT, first-aid, babysitting and WC.

Warnings: Traffic will be conditioned during the event period, but some cars will still drive within the competition area.