Day 2 – SIGN Long Distance

SIGN Long Distance – Vitalis Cup of Portuguese

Map: Aguiar da Beira North (more than 50% new map)


Arena Layout:

Terrain: varies between pine tree forest areas and open areas with rock faces. Some undergrowth vegetation on the deep re-entrant. Terrain with moderate density of contour details and a lot of rock details.



Map makers: Janne Weckman (Finlândia) e Timmo Joensuu (Finland) – November 2015 and November 2016

Scales: 1:7500, 1:10000 and 1:15000

Contour Interval: 5 meters

Course Setters: António Amador and Diogo Miguel

Technical Information:

Parking: parking will be made on the village Quinta do Meio, about 600 meters from the arena. Drivers need to follow the route indicated by the organizers.

Services at the Arena: Bar/Food stands, event office, IT, first-aid, babysitting, WC and shelter for changing/storing backpacks.


  • Start 1 is at 1500m from the Arena for the following classes:
    • W10, M10, W12, M12, Easy Short, Easy Long;
  • Start 2 is at 1750m from the Arena for all other Classes;


  • We strongly recommend the use of spike shoes.
  • We kindly ask the athletes to store their backpacks on the specific tents and not on the tent design for the Bar/Food stand