General Information

Event Director: Rafael Miguel
POF Event Adviser: Alexandre Reis

Hard floor and showers
• The hard floor will be at the Aguiar da Beira’s sport hall.
• Opening: 3/3/2016 at 18h00
• Close: 3/5/2016 at 15h00
• Note: it is prohibited to use shoes with spikes inside the hard floor. It is forbidden to cook and eat inside.
• Showers available in Aguiar da Beira’s Swimming Pool also.

Model Event 
• Map of Aguiar da Beira North
• This map was used in the Mediterranean Championship in Orienteering 2014 and the terrain is very similar to what athletes will find the middle distance and Long distance races.
• Maps available at the Secretariat, in the municipality of Aguiar da Beira, during the day 0 (Friday) 3 of March
• Price per map: € 4.

ABOM 2017 Bib number
• The official ABOM2017 bib number will have printed the number bib,class, SI-card number, Club and the Country of the athlete;
• The ABOM2017 bib number should be picked at the Secretariat, prior to the event. No athlete will be allowed to start without it.

Updates to SI-card
• Changes to the SI-card must be requested at the Secretariat.
• No athlete will be allowed to start without validating the changes at the Secretariat prior to the race

Rent a SI-card
• The hiring of a SI-card costs € 1 per day for youth and competition classes. Rental of SI-card if free  for open classes;
• Note: the loss or non-return of SI Card  implies the payment of € 50.

• Athletes affiliated to Portuguese Orienteering Federation (POF) and non-affiliated athletes that have residence in Portugal or Portuguese nationality are covered by insurance of the POF.
• The remaining athletes are not covered by any insurance.

• In the competition classes, there will be no change in start-times on the day of the race.
• The open classes, W/M10 and M12 w/have no departure time. There will be a window of time where they can start, using a “START” station at the start point.

Competition Time limits
• Middle distance – 2 hours
• Sprint – 1 hour
• Long distance – 3 hours

Map Collection
• There will be no collection of maps at the end of the courses. We appeal to Fair Play to all participants.

Men Elite Class
• If the number of members in the men’s Elite class exceed 100 athletes, we will be divide it into Men Super Elite and Men Elite.
• IOF World Ranking dated to 31 December 2016 will be used to distribute the athletes into the two classes.

GPS Tracking
• GPS Tracking will be used in middle and long distance races for the best athletes of the Elite classes.
• The list of athletes chosen to use GPS will be published some days prior to the event.
• Athletes will receive a vest at the Secretariat. These vests should be returned to the Organization at the end of the long distance.
• GPS units will be placed in the vests of the athletes by the organizers at the beginning of the race and removed at the end.

Traffic Indications
• All relevant sites to the event will be properly marked by Orange and White arrows.
• Please use the routes marked by the organization.

• The final ranking of the ABOM 2017 (individual and collective) will be calculated by the sum of the points of the three races (middle, sprint and long).

• ABOM2017: individual prizes for the first 3 ranked athletes in each class – competition classes. Individual prizes for the top 5 of in the Men and Women Elite classes;
Individual  prize for the winner of each Open class;
Gifts for all participants of the youth classes (W/M10 and W/M12).

• Overall prizes collective for the 3 best clubs.